Apple Woos Business With iOS 7 Security

Will the new Iphone security features impact your choice of device?

Will the new Iphone security features impact your choice of device?

Apple revamped their operating system earlier this year, launching iOS 7—which Apple CEO Tim Cook referred to as “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.” Apple have stated that their goal is to attract more business users to the Apple iOS system—and thus Apple products. Making the devices more enjoyable to use and increasing security may go a long way to making this a reality, and keeping Apple one step ahead of the Android developers.

Since the launch, miles of column inches have been written on blogs debating the pros and cons of Apple’s new user interface, the layered look of the icons, and the usability adjustments. One of the glitzier changes has been the introduction of head-gesture controls, with settings adjustable to allow a scrolling menu highlighter to be activated by a turn of the head. A bit clunky in practice and eons slower than using your hands, it marks Apple’s foray into the arena of gesture control—potentially a massive boon for the disabled, and a speedy assistant in a refined form in future.

Overall, the new iOS is light and airy, and doesn’t disappoint Apple fans in terms of aesthetics. The real boon to users, however, lies in the increased security measures that could discourage theft. The stealing of iPhones and other smartphones has become a real problem in Ireland and across the world in recent years, with one report claiming that up to 40 per cent of serious crime in the San Francisco area was attributable to smartphone theft.

Under pressure from lawmakers, especially in New York, Apple came up with the “Activation Lock” feature. This locking system prevents reactivation of the phone if a thief tries to switch off the ‘Find My iPhone’ app, or if they wipe the device’s memory. A thief would require the owner’s iCloud username and password to reactivate the phone.

iOS 7 also allows VPN per app control, allowing users to connect automatically to a VPN when using certain apps. Companies can also restrict access to their documents, and ensure corporate apps are not used for private purposes. Volume purchases from the App Store are also now enabled for business customers, while an improved encryption key will up iOS 7 Security for transmitted documents.

With quick start-ups and sleek designs, Apple laptops have been de rigueur for business executives for some time. The iOS 7 looks set to help bosses make that most difficult of decisions—to shell out for new Apple gear…!!!

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