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Non-Stupid Sales Lead Generation—Hello Big Data

Ah, the joys of utterly impersonal marketing… While generating sales leads is essential for customer acquisition and the growth of any enterprise, it can be pretty soul-destroying. Up to now, there have generally been two (tried and absolutely distrusted) methods.

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Emerging Technology: The Future of the Phablet

The first time I saw a ‘Phablet’ (a genetic mutation of the PHone and the tABLET), I thought: “Wow, that’s…useless.” Come to think of it, I thought something remarkably similar when Steve Jobs showed off the first iPad… So I

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Wearable Devices: Now, Anyone Can Be James Bond…

“The name’s Bond. …” Well, you know the rest—explosions, fast women, faster cars, one-liners, and gadgets…lots of gadgets… One of the reasons for the enduring popularity of James Bond movies are the super-cool gadgets, a set-piece since Ian Fleming’s Bond-novels

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Emerging Technology: Dictating The Internet

Cloud Computing

Talking is just so much faster than typing and reading e-mails, and especially so when working in the same office. But what if your conversational partner is in a distant time zone? Or worse: you obtain information verbally, and then

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The Semantic Web—Technology Getting to Know You

The semantic web looks set to be the Next Big Thing in IT, depending on who you ask. It involves Big Data personalising your web experience to give us not what we search for, but what we really want. Here’s

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Hybrid Alert: Cool Acer Tablets with Laptop Functionality

Hit harder than most by the floundering PC and laptop market, Acer has come up with two bold and stylish hybrid laptops-cum-tablets, the Acer Aspire R7 and the smaller Aspire P3. The R7 provides users with a regular laptop experience,

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