Mobile Devices for Business

Let’s go mobile now, everyone’s mobile now, c’mon mobile with me…

“Pretty soon, mobile connections are going to outnumber us” – The Washington Post

Firstly apologies to any Beach Boys fans for degrading their wonderful lyrics. But that said everyone or at least anyone that is keeping up with modern business trends are utilising mobile technologies as part of their business strategy. It is the in thing. Plus in a recent article from the international standards organisation for the wireless industry (CTIA) stated that in the USA alone last year, the amount of mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) outnumbered the population. 328 million registered devices as compared to 315 million people. That’s quite a statistic.


While some predict the expansion of the mobile device market is going to wipe out current desktops and laptops, we at Green Cloud Computers don’t fully believe this statement. At least not in the short term. While it is a possibility in the next decade to see computers in their traditional sense phased out. It is more likely to see desktops and laptops becoming more readily accessible from remote locations. So no need to bring your laptop with you from your home or office. Simply connect in using your smartphone or tablet.

The big and main caveat though for this concept to work satisfactorily is the need for a super fast wireless network which can be accessed from anywhere, whether you are out in the wilds of Ireland or at the heart of an urban metropolis. How often do you get issues with your mobile connection when out and about? If your answer is next to never then you aren’t living in Ireland.

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