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David McLaughlin was introduced to me through the Ashbourne Business Network in the last six months or so.

Having dealt with an IT company outside of Ashbourne previously I found waiting times when problems did occur, not only inconvenient, but costly as in our business, our IT requirements are vital. This is where Green Cloud Computers came in to lend a helping hand.

Firstly, I had issues with my laptop. A virus hadn’t been wiped off the system completely from a previous instance, which slowed down the speed of the computer considerably. David fixed this overnight, with a laptop rebuild.

I also wanted to use my laptop to remotely access the computer in the office, basically 24/7. Previously I had asked my old IT guy to do this for me and after 3 weekends of trying he failed to get the job done, basically through lack of knowledge and understanding of the systems at hand. However, David was able to give me remote access on my laptop in about 10 minutes flat!!

David certainly knows his stuff and I would have no problem recommending him to any other businesses, thank you David.

Is mise le meas, Alan Tobin, Ashbourne Auto Clinic, February 5th 2013


Roberts Furniture Ashbournerobts_furniture

Over the last year Green Cloud Computers has helped us resolve many of our IT issues on several fronts.

Some time ago, our home computer wouldn’t start which caused us much anguish as the computer had many family photographs on its hard drive of irreplaceable moments of myself and my family. The computer was quite old so getting the right parts to get it up and running again was proving to be very difficult to say the least. Green Cloud Computers stepped in and were able to retrieve all our precious family photographs and data in a professional and swift manner.

Our Accounts & Payroll Computer in the Roberts Furniture office had ground to a halt. Even to carry out the most basic of online banking transactions proved to be quite a chore. Yet again, Green Cloud Computers were there to lend a helping hand in restoring our Accounts Computer to its full working self. It’s almost like having a brand new computer and a fraction of the price. If you are having similar issues with a computer, I strongly recommend contacting Green Cloud Computers to have them restore your computer to full working order.

Lastly, at home, our Wireless Router was acting up, so I had casually discussed options with David at one of the Ashbourne Business Network meetings on how to improve the Wireless performance. David had previously highlighted how most ISPs provide routers with poor Wireless coverage and speed. However it wasn’t until my son “retired” our Home Vodafone Router permanently that we needed to get a replacement immediately. I contacted Green Cloud Computers and they selected the best and most cost effective router for our house. Within an hour we were setup with a much faster and longer reaching wireless router. If I had of known it was going to be that simple to do, I’d have done it ages ago.

Thanks to Green Cloud Computers, I know that all our IT issues are covered.

Nicky Somers, Roberts Furniture Ltd., June 27th 2013


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