Ashbourne PC Maintenance—Making Your Computer Run Faster, For Longer

PC Maintanence

PC Maintanence

PC maintenance can prove the key to extending your computers life and making your work faster and easier. We have a huge amount of experience in PC maintenance in Ashbourne, Ratoath, Meath and surrounding counties, here are a few tips on how to resolve common problems.

Maintenance need not be difficult. For the novice, there are a few programs you can get to make it easy to maintain your machine.

I recommend CCleaner to clean out temporary files which should be followed by the use of a defragmentation program to reshuffle your hard drive every month. You should regularly update your anti-virus software and ensure your Windows updates are up-to-date. It needs to be a scheduled, like car maintenance. And can be scheduled to run when you aren’t using your PC.

A defrag, or defragmenting of your storage disk, can make your computer much more efficient. When carrying out operations, the computer opens files on your machine in a temporary location but is never put in its previous location. Everything gets gradually mixed up, and running mixed-up programs takes more time. So if this happens a few thousand times, it’s going to slow your drive up. Defragmentation reorganises the files in a logical sequence, saving memory space and reducing processing time. It is an essential step to ensure your computer runs swiftly. If you ever notice web pages hanging or other signs of your PC slowing down, then it’s time to clean out and defrag.

Getting an expert in to maintain your PC gives many people peace of mind, as it is possible for inexperienced people to do more harm than good. In most cases, we can come in and repair it for them, or do a system restore in Windows. Other times there is a lot more damage done, and we will have to rebuild the system altogether.

A system restore is often used when the software has been damaged. Your data will be kept intact, but the programs need to be reset. It is like going back in time to a previous state. However, one thing about system restore is that if you get a virus, the restore points can be attacked as well. So with some of the viruses you have to turn off system restore, do a virus scan, and then turn it back on again and start from scratch.

We say don’t bother with PC optimisation programs; they’re a waste of time. Just do the manual approach, defragment and clean your machine yourself. You can set up a scheduled task and it will run automatically every so often.

Physical wear and tear can also be avoided with a little maintenance. Dust is a big problem for desktops. Dust gets sucked into the insides of the machines, in through the fan to the processor, and that causes the machine to gradually overheat, and capacitors can blow. The processor will automatically shut itself off if it overheats, though there have been some cases where laptops have gone on fire.

If you need assistance in setting up a PC maintenance program please call us, we are happy to help. We serve Ashbourne, Ratoath, Meath and surrounding counties.