The Pros And Cons of Printer Networking

When choosing a new printer, one of the many choices available to the consumer is whether to choose one with printer networking so that it can be used by different machines around the home.

The Pros And Cons of Printer Networking

The Pros And Cons of Printer Networking

If you have only one desktop PC using the printer, it does not have have to be enabled for printer networking. Although you should take a networked printer into account anyway to allow for the possibility of future expansion. If, however, you do have a laptop or more than one PC, printer networking is vital. With your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you may want to be able to print from anywhere in your house or business.

With a wirlessly networked PC you can work downstairs while your printer prints in your office upstairs. This is where a network printer comes into its own. Especially with multiple computers.

If you have an existing printer that does not have a network port, all is not lost. Several options are available to you where you can network your USB printer, such as a Router or NAS Drive with USB printing support; a Wired/ Wireless Print Server; or even a USB to Ethernet Converter.

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